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There's Something Going on Here was an immersive piece of pop-up theatre that took place across multiple locations in 2023.


Action began with live phone calls from the Department for Continuity alerting  people that a portal from the past may have opened in their area.

In the days that followed, more calls, secret messages, and immersive-theatre-style happenings popped up on the streets around them.

Created by Adam Barnard and Paul O'Mahony

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Is Now A Good Time? was an innovative interactive piece of theatre conducted over the phone.

Over the course of four months, we toured all over the county - from our living rooms! 

Performed by Laura Mugridge, Rhys Rusbatch and Paul O'Mahony

Directed by Adam Barnard

Suppliants Header.jpg


A virtual performance of Aeschylus's "The Suppliants"


A tragedy about immigration and asylum. 

Translated by Peter Burian, performed by permission of Princeton University Press

Directed by Paul O'Mahony

Suppliants Screen Grab.png
(c) Alex Brenner, no use without credit, Out of Chaos - Unmythable (_DSC7062).jpg

Randy gods, psychotic giants and murderous elves face off in the show to end all shows - with the end of the world guaranteed. 

Norsesome is a full-throttle, no-holds-barred, rip roaring romp into the world of the legendary Norse gods. 
Beards, horned helmets and mead abound as wise Odin holds court, Loki taps into his more troublesome nature and Thor... well, Thor just wants to smash everything.

Directed by Mike Tweddle

Written by Paul O'Mahony and Mike Tweddle 

Songs by Rob Castell and Paul O'Mahony


Six people from around the world come together with lots to get off their chests - from the creation of the universe to last week's terrible bus journey. Feuding families, tense commuters and randy Greek gods go head to head in a fast and delightfully furious hour, exploring how misunderstanding brings out the worst in us. 

An anarchic blend of clowning, physical theatre, Greek myths and personal confessions. The award-winning, multilingual Edinburgh hit, Out of Chaos, toured five countries from 2008-2010. Our debut show was a bold examination of what makes us mad, incorporating ancient myth and modern tales to devastating effect.


'Every once in a while there comes a show which owes its origins to the unique chemistry of the group of people who came together to make it... it works as a magic formula... you are bound to come out satisfied.' - The Stage

'This audacious approach to such a serious matter was executed with real panache and playfulness, meaning the audience was constantly laughing... Go and see.' - Three Weeks Magazine

Hippolytus Text.png

Furious that Hippolytus will not worship her, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, seeks revenge. Infecting Hippolytus' stepmother, Phaedra, with an overpowering desire for him, Aphrodite's retribution will sweep both prince and queen to a brutal end. 

A secret torment
Storms through her
Tosses her into that black harbour

Timberlake Wertenbaker's translation of Euripides’ Hippolytus was commissioned by Out of Chaos (then Temple Theatre) and  premiered at Riverside Studios, London, in 2009.


'I’ve always thought young Hippolytus had something lawyer-like, pompous and self-righteous about him; but in Timberlake Wertenbaker’s version and Paul O’Mahony’s performance, he comes across as a noble-hearted victim. David Burke’s Theseus provides the style the play needs: a physically restrained, emotionally charged performance of passion, anger and wounded nobility..'

- John Peter - Sunday Times 

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