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It's Sam from

Red Onion Research.

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Is Now

A Good


An interactive telephone play 

by Adam Barnard, Laura Mugridge and Paul O'Mahony

Is Now A Good Time? is a brand new interactive piece of theatre conducted over the phone.


Sign up to receive four calls from Red Onion Research over the course of an hour.

'How many hats do you own?’

'Would you rather be too hot or too cold?’

'Are your first impressions of someone usually accurate?’

Sam and Alex work in the same call centre. Sometimes they sit next to each other.


They really love their job but there’s something missing. You might need to help them figure out what that is. 

Is Now A Good Time? is a charming, funny and unexpected story, told in four parts. 

Now, you need to go and count your hats. Red Onion Research need your answer.

Commissioned by

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as part of their 'Making Theatre in Extraordinary Times' initiative

Funded by

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Supported on tour by

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