It's Sam from

Red Onion Research.

An interactive telephone play 

by Adam Barnard, Laura Mugridge and Paul O'Mahony

Is Now A Good Time?

Red Onion Research's finest phone operatives are ready to put on their headsets and dial your number.

Their questions are pretty straightforward:


How many hats do you own?

What's your favourite smell?

Do you have a preferred colour of washing up liquid?

But as the questions roll, it turns out there's something else going on at the call centre...

Sign up online to book your time and you'll receive a live, in-person call from one of our dedicated team of researchers. 

Run time: 4 consecutive calls across a 50 minute window

Suitable for landlines, mobiles or internet call

Can be experienced by a single audience member or a group / family

Commissioned by

as part of their 'Making Theatre in Extraordinary Times' initiative

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