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The scene is Delphi, the home of Apollo's famous oracle. People travel from across the world to consult the god, and every four years even larger numbers arrive to enjoy the Pythian Games. Delphi the Musical tells the story of this meeting of mortals and immortals - where love, death and competition are ever present. It explores the complexity of identity and our fear of the unknown. Delphi the Musical is currently in development - we have 18 original songs completed and dramaturgical work is continuing on the book.

Listen to a selection from the Delphi the Musical soundtrack

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We've been developing a show based on the Aeneid for a couple of years now. With the support of the Centre for Hellenic Studies in Washington DC, and the APGRD in Oxford we’ve been exploring the history of migration in the Mediterranean and the enduring relevance of Virgil’s masterpiece.


We plan to share the results with you all very soon.

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