Seen something that doesn’t belong in 2022?
Met someone who seems like they’re living in the past?


Dept of Cont Logo.jpg

There’s Something Going On Here is a new kind of experience. It doesn’t happen in a theatre. There’s no tickets, no seat numbers, no curtain up.


Instead it’s a blend of live phone calls, pop-up artworks, public-space happenings and a finale which brings everyone together.


It begins with a phone call from the Department of Continuity – and a warning. A portal from the past may have opened in your area. Would you keep an eye open, report any strange occurrences?


In the days that follow come more calls… messages… conversations… connections… between neighbours… between friends… between strangers. A game is afoot. But who’s in on it?


There’s Something Going On Here unfolds in bite-size morsels across two weeks.