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Win cash prizes 

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Playing Medea


A student competition

supported by the Society for Classical Studies and the Center for Hellenic Studies

Out of Chaos is launching a new competition for university and high school students in the US and Canada!

When the world went into lockdown in March we started a project in conjunction with the Center for Hellenic Studies: reading scenes from a different Greek tragedy every week with actors drawn from across the world. The series is called Reading Greek Tragedy Online, and we’re on a mission to read every extant tragedy before the end of 2020.

We’ve discovered a lot about these plays by performing them - and now it’s your turn!

Here’s how it works: You record a scene from Medea and submit it to us by 23rd October 2020. Our prestigious panel of judges (including representatives from the British American Drama Academy) will watch all submissions and then announce the winners during the Reading Greek Tragedy Online episode on Medea on 11th November 2020. The winners will receive $400, with two second place prizes of $200 each.

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We welcome entries from all age groups at university and high school levels in the US and Canada. We’re using Diane Rayor’s fabulous translation, and you can choose from the following passages:

271-356 Kreon and Medea 

410-445 Chorus

579-626 Medea and Jason

922-975 Medea and Jason (& children and tutor)

1021-1080 Medea

1251-1292 Chorus and children

You record whichever scene particularly grabs you and send it to us by 23rd October. You should do this uploading your video to Vimeo or Youtube on a password-protected or private link and then sending that link to


We welcome entries which are recorded entirely on zoom, or recordings of groups who are able to share the same space. University or high school groups can enter multiple times, but each actor can appear in only one submission.

Emma Pauly has created a dramaturgy pack which we think will be really helpful when you’re thinking about how to stage the scenes. It includes information about the play, its characters and its production history.

You will also enjoy consulting the Medea ebook created by the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama.

First prize of $400

Two runner-up prizes of $200

Director of Outreach - Amy Pistone

Host and Faculty consultant - Joel Christensen

Artistic director - Paul O’Mahony

Out of Chaos are now offering online Greek tragedy workshops! We tailor the workshops to meet your exact requirements and can work with different budgets. Either as one-offs or part of a series, these sessions will deepen students’ understanding of tragedy through performance. To find out more, please contact Paul on

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Watch our online readings of Greek Tragedy here: 

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