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Norse reviews couple.png
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Randy gods, psychotic giants and murderous elves face off in the show to end all shows - with the end of the world guaranteed. 

Norsesome is a full-throttle, no-holds-barred, rip roaring romp into the world of the legendary Norse gods. 
Beards, horned helmets and mead abound as wise Odin holds court, Loki taps into his more troublesome nature and Thor... well, Thor just wants to smash everything.


With outstanding comedy, original songs and thirty characters brought to life by just three performers, this is story-telling from the age of vikings, for the age of Game of Thrones.

Suitable for audiences of all ages, Norsesome will leave you ready to ride the lightning. Norsesome was first performed in 2016 and toured the UK.

The NORSESOME soundtrack is now available to download! Please consider making a donation in order to support our work.

Directed by Mike Tweddle

Written by Paul O'Mahony and Mike Tweddle 

Songs by Rob Castell and Paul O'Mahony

Sound Design by Phill Ward

Produced by Out of Chaos in association with mac birmingham
Supported by Arts Council England

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