When everything started to go into lockdown in March, we got in touch with the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington DC to propose a series of online readings which would start straightaway. Our intention was to build communities during this period of uncertainty, and to examine old stories to understand what they tell us about being human. The CHS and the Kosmos Society are now our brilliant partners in Reading Greek Tragedies Online. Join us every Wednesday at 8pm (UK time) for scenes and discussion from a different tragedy. We’re aiming to read every extant Greek tragedy (plus some comedies and other bits as well) before the end of the year. We’d like to thank the amazing actors and academics who have already contributed to the series - by the end of the year we hope to have created an international ensemble of actors who will have made this all possible.

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A weekly series of scene readings and discussions presented by the Center for Hellenic Studies, the Kosmos Society, and Out of Chaos Theatre.


Nathalie Armin
Kareem Badr
Carlos Bellato
Tajh Bellow
Nichole Bird
Vincent Brimble
Tamieka Chavis
Sarah-Marie Curry
Tim Delap
Danai Epithymiadi
Sarah Finigan
Mariah Gale
Tabatha Gayle
Tony Jayawardena
Martin Lewis
Michael Lumsden
Anne Mason
Robert Matney
Ronan Melomo
Evelyn Miller
Richard Neale
Brian Arkamian Nelson Jr
Paul O’Mahony
Eunice Roberts
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