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created by Adam Barnard and Paul O’Mahony


They botched the job,

you decide what happens next.

Boss, We Messed Up is a gleeful spin on a gangster caper, delivered as a series of live telephone calls from a hapless junior mobster to their formidable!

Sign up online and at the designated time either Marty the Mouth (Paul O'Mahony) or Mary the Muscle  (Laura Mugridge) will call, seeking fresh orders as a straightforward heist goes horribly wrong. 


Run time: approx. 3 x 10 minute calls across a 2 hour window

Suitable for landlines, mobiles or internet call

Can be experienced by a single audience member or a group / family

Booking opens soon

Commissioned by

Farnham Malting.jpg

as part of their 'Making Theatre in Extraordinary Times' initiative


Will you end up with the loot

or bodies in the boot?

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